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Packing List

Driver’s license or other photo ID

•COVID CARD, or a photo of it.

Linens: Sheets, Pillow, Pillowcase, Blanket. 

•Towels, Washcloths

•Toy bag and don't forget sex toys, safer sex supplies such as condoms, gloves, dental dams and lube and puppy pads - aka 'chucks'

•Money (or Plastic for our vendors)

•Fetish wear, to include something special like a toga! (Of course, that is optional, as is dressing at all...except for in the meal tent)

•Coat or jacket / warm clothes (We are after all at the mercy of the elements and mother nature)

•A flashlight with batteries.

•Hat to keep the sun off your head.

•Some snacks if you have some favorites...just watch out for critters.

•Battery operated Christmas lights [for mood lighting]

•A rug for beside the bed

•Sleep mask and Ear plugs

•Personal protection armament (Squirt gun, the bigger and more powerful the better)

•Watch-remember you can't walk around with your cell phone out.

•Shower shoes - aka flip flops. Multiple people use the same showers

•Sandals, Sneakers for daytime use (Yes you can bring your 8-inch heels, but you probably won't wear them much!)

•Towels, both for bathing/showering and for poolside use

•Large blanket or sheet, for lying out by the pool (Or getting laid out by the pool)

• is not available for purchase at the camp, but there is ice nearby, off site.



•If you wear glasses bring an extra pair 

•Toiletries, Aspirin or the equivalent, allergy medication, contact lens stuff, feminine hygiene supplies, sleeping mask and earplugs. If you are on any prescription medication, make sure you have at least 1 days' worth more than you'll need (You never know, you might drop a pill down the drain). 

• If you are on medication that require refrigeration, please let the staff know in advance so they can try to arrange a place for you to store them.

•Bug repellent

•EpiPen if you have severe allergies

•Hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes.

•Baby wipes travel packs, for the bathroom and general cleaning, nothing is better than clean feet before going into your tent!

•Folding camp chair for sitting in front of the fire pit.

•If you are a spinner bring your poi or whatever it is you spin. Usually there is at least one night of spinning (BYOF...Bring your own fuel)

•Cheap solar lights will brighten the path to your cabin

•Easy-up tent if you like to sit in the shade

•Citronella candles, or citronella incense coils, for outdoor use only

•Regular or Liquid Band-Aid for blisters & scrapes. Also, other first aid supplies such as antiseptic spray and/or Neosporin.

•A shower caddy to tote those toiletries to and from the bathroom. There are cubbies in some of the bathrooms but finding a place to put that shampoo bottle can get tricky.

•Ziploc bags for packing up that wet washcloth, soap and what have you when going home.

•Cell phone charger (If you brought you cell phone of course)

•Power strips &/or extension cords, for your Hitachi 

•Drums or any other instrument if you play (Very popular by the fire)

•Small multi-drawer cabinets (Plastic, from target). They aren't very expensive; you can pack a good portion of your clothes in there and you can use it as a nightstand at camp. Takes up about the same amount of room as a packed suitcase but now you don't have to live out of your suitcase.

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