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About FetCamp

  FetCamp is a small gathering of likeminded fetishists and perverts held at a private campsite in Northern Massachusetts. The camp is a short drive, around an hour and 30 min from Providence RI, Hartford Ct., or Boston MA,.  The site is well situated away from busy traffic areas, with a large buffer of woods between any nearby lots. 

  We want to keep things simple so you can focus on the fun. One price gets you camping on site with all the classes and special events you can handle, shopping with top notch vendors and every meal from dinner Friday till Brunch on Sunday.

The cost for this level of fun is $270 per person. We will be welcoming limited self-contained campers and pop-ups. We will have a staff photographer on site making it easy for you to have your experiences documented with ease.


  You may set up your tent and camp site anywhere you like within our huge central field or in a secluded spot within the tree line. You will have all the space and privacy you want, yet still be close to all the action. The grounds are yours to explore freely and to use respectfully, so if you really want to tie your date to a tree, we say have fun with that! FetCamp promises unparalleled relaxation in a kink friendly atmosphere.

  Meals will be served in our spacious dining tents, and there will be a Pig Roast with all the fixings on Saturday evening.

  FetCamp is catering to the new kids, as well as the more experienced players, if you have a fetish or kink and want a fun safe space to explore it, FetCamp is the event for you.!

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  FetCamp is taking place at a large private campground in Northern Massachusetts. You can pitch your tent any place you choose, in the shade by a tree, or in our large field near our Inflatable Pool. You can create a community of likeminded friends to share your fetish. 

   We will be providing Porta-Potties and hot outdoor showers for those who like to show off. 

  We can accommodate a few self-contained recreational vehicles. There are no dumping stations or hook-ups on site. Please contact us before purchasing a ticket if you have a camper.


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Play Space

RED Dungeon:
  FetCamp is creating a world class indoor play space for your exploration. We are bringing back the RED Dungeon, assembling a wide assortment of spanking benches, Saint Andrew's crosses and suspension gear to allow you the environment to explore your every kink.   There will be an area specifically set up for wax, fire, and medical play as well as a suspension super structure in our Bubble Tent Dungeons. There will be over 1500 square feet of tented dungeon space and an additional assortment of equipment in open air stations throughout camp. 

 These spaces will be open all day and night for your exploration. During the day there may be classes scheduled in this space so please plan on a quiet scene to be respectful of class attendees.

Bob the Blue Igloo:

  FetCamp will also include a smaller sex positive space, the Blue Igloo, where anything consensual goes. This space will be dark and intimate and perfect for your sexual exploration. This space is perfect for encounters of couples and groups who want to play in a semipublic setting. In this space you will find assorted sex machines available for your pleasure. 


  Camp itself is a great play space where you can feel free to suspend from a tree or have a public session on the hill. Sunbathe nude or go on a slave hunt, FetCamp is planning the ultimate all-encompassing space to play and explore your fetish fantasies.


  All meals are included with your admission price and will be prepared on site by our skilled staff.

Friday, July 21

Dinner 6-7:30pm

Friday is "Taco Tuesday" at FetCamp. Your first meal at camp will be savory chicken burritos with freshly prepared chicken or spiced ground beef. Spicy and mild pico de gallo options, cool shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, corn salsa, onions, and sour cream round out your topping options. Dessert consists of a selection of ice cream sandwiches. There will be iced tea, lemonade, coffee, and tea served with each meal.

Saturday, July 22

Breakfast 8:30-10:30am

The best meal of the day is breakfast and here at FetCamp, We strive to fuel you well for the party ahead. Breakfast included assorted yogurt, cold cereal and milk, scrambled eggs, sausage, fresh pastry, and cold fruit. Orange juice, coffee and tea are also available with breakfast. We like to encourage bad behavior so we will also be offering ice cream sandwiches for breakfast!

Lunch 12:30-2:00pm

Come join us for all beef hot dogs and 100% Ground Angus burgers, chips, and watermelon. Lunch is accompanied by all the usual condiment and cheese options as well as iced tea and lemonade.

Dinner 6-7:30pm

FetCamp is pulling out all the stops for dinner with a Bacchanalian revelry. We are preparing to roast a pig for this party, and not just some little thing. We will be roasting a 200lb pig onsite starting around 6 in the morning. The meal will include an “Asian” style salad, beans, grilled pineapple, and sweet rolls. Iced tea and lemonade will be served. Dessert for this raucous meal will consist of a huge assortment of cheesecake and chocolate cake options. Be sure to bring a toga and a suitable wine for this meal!

Sunday, July 23

Brunch 10am-11:30pm We want you to go away, just not have you go away hungry. Sunday brunch is a little later in the day to accommodate the late-night partiers. Your meal will include the usual suspects of eggs, cereal, and fruit joined by light sandwiches to get you on your way. Iced tea and lemonade will be served along with coffee, tea, and orange juice.


In addition to these meals, we have plans for cookies and milk as midnight snack, Sno-Cone treats during the day, and granola bars, fruit and peanut butter and jelly available all day for those who need a quick pick me up. We might have picked up a cotton candy machine, as man does not live by sno-cones alone.

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