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Jack Napier  Counselor
Jack Napier has been raising hell in Connecticut, Maryland, and New York public Kink scene for over 14 years. With a playfully sadistic scene style, and a keen sense for mixing and matching play styles. Jack Is a mad scientist with both ropes, impact play, and electric. Jack looks at the connectivity of play scenes and looks to bring people together with a mix of sensual seduction and intense consensual sadistic play.
Wintersong Tashlin Photos
Working both in and out of the alternative lifestyles world, Winter has shot everything from weddings to dungeon parties, burlesque and fire performances, rituals, BDSM scenes, and many lovely sunsets. Winter was the lead photographer for the queer porn company Fruit Punch Productions, and his photography has been featured in the erotic arts magazine Salacious, as well appearing on, and in several books on BDSM and spirituality. Winter lives in Maine with his husband of twenty years. See his work at
Jasmyne Counselor
Jasmyne was drawn to the community by her love of rope bondage and her desire to dive deeper.  She fell in love not only with the visual artform of shibari, but the self expression and bonding experience!  She has founded a chapter of Rope Bite in NH., and has been  teaching privately for about 5 years. Passionate about learning new skills and techniques, she has the utmost respect for the art of rope!  Her true love is the freedom that self-tying brings, so chances are she'll be found 'hanging around' ...that is when she's not sharing her love and sensual style of bondage with others.




Active in the community for 13 years Ella currently runs  The Littles Invasion at The Society in Hartford, CT with her partner Wundertom as well as the Albany-Capital Ageplay Munch in Albany, NY. She ran Bouncy Town at FetFest in 2013 and Kidz Kamp at Camp Crucible in 2015. She has been a volunteer and presenter at Teddycon as well as presenting at the Fetish Flea. You can hear her speak on episodes of The Big Little Podcast and episodes of the Crinkle Cast. Ella appeared on the television show, The Secret Lives of Women in 2006.

MK  Medical

MK graduated as a film major from Clark University  and, to the surprise of absolutely no one, does not have a job in that field. They/she has been an EMT for roughly five years, and will be taking the civil service exam for fire in the spring. MK will never pass up an opportunity for moshing or crowd surfing. An avid photographer, MK plays the saxophone, and enjoys rock climbing, skiing, boxing, and naps.  Looking forward to running around with band-aids and a radio in the sweltering heat with you guys again this year!

Wundertom lives with his two life partners and two kids. He and Lil_Ella have hosted the Littles Invasion in Hartford for hundreds of ageplayers over the years. He has hosted the Albany, NY Ageplay munch for almost a decade. Wundertom teaches at Teddycon and he has free hugs. Just ask.

Dottie Wolf AKA Slutress  Has been in the lifestyle over 25 years. Over the years she learned many skills from Whips to Flogging to Fire Play, but her passion is Medical Play. She has been presenting on the subject and sharing her knowledge for over 20 years, and has been a presenter at many of the larger events on the east coast including Black Rose, Leather Retreat, Camp Crucible, Fusion, TesFest, WinterFire, and many more.

Bill Presenter

Bill is a rope artists active in the kink community for 10 years. His passion for bondage and rigging was so great, he opened RopeExtremes in 2007. His interest in rope vary from intricate, elegant rope work to sadistic and inescapable bondage. He loves what he does and is always ready to teach someone rope techniques or help in deciding what kind of rope is best for them. Bill is always willing to learn more and to teach what he has learned over the years whether it's simple ties or advanced rope suspension. 

Johnny Presenter

Martial artist by day, dominant switch by night. A Goofy and loving persona with a little kick (pun totally intended). John is ranked in multiple forms of martial arts, a bit newer to the community but wanting to share what could save your life on one occasion could actually be used in the bedroom and against your partner. 
Kit (They/He) has been playing with various kinks and has been fascinated by human sexuality their whole life. They aspire to become a presenter and educator at sex/kink events, and sessions for transgender folx. He has a passion for learning about all aspects of kink and sexuality, with a special interests in watersports, impact and sensation play, as well as navigating sex and kink spaces as a demisexual, non-binary Queer. He is currently writing on a book on watersports.

Kit Presenter

Baby Firefly Art/yoga Instructor.Banana

Firefly, or slut to some, has been active in the community for 9 years. She is a trained submissive, is passionate about pleasure, and loves to put on a show! She is also a professional dancer and fetish model (did you spot her on the red carpet at Montreal Fetish Weekend?), and can be seen running around events such as DO, GKE, FFF, KinkyCon, TesFest, and many others. Safety first; she is also a certified EMT.

Scott Enabler

Scott is the owner and operator of the Rhode Island kinky custom design shop, Big Head Studio.  He can be found traveling across the country teaching classes and running workshops on Alternative Adult Sex Ed. And BDSM.  Scott has taught at events such as Black Rose and Dark Odyssey in D.C., T.E.S. and Floating world in N.Y., the Boston F.F.F., KinkyCon; and many others. He has given workshops at various universities, including Brown, Columbia and R.I.S.D.  His writing has appeared in Secret Magazine and other international publications. 

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