camp counselors this list is under constant update 

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Bruce and rope have been friends from an early age and shared experiences in scouting, boating, mountain rescue, and as a firefighter. But it wasn’t until later in life, when he found BDSM! He interactively shares knowledge of his passions: rope bondage, fetish dress, control, predicament, power exchange, consent, negotiation, or just tightening or watching women in corsets. Bruce believes we should never be embarrassed when we take our first steps into something new, even when we stumble. Bruce has been the Event Director of Kinky Kollege since 2012, and teaches classes at events and workshops around the country.

A New England native, introduced into the lifestyle 12 years ago while living in Charleston, SC.  Never satisfied and always learning/sharing knowledge. His core is helping others. Wykd’s primary love is rope. Through rope he found an artistic outlet and that he really likes to see people tied up. He began making rope with a drill from the pawnshop and jute twine from the home improvement store. Feeling a lot of toys were mass producerd, he began making impact implements soon after. Wykd helped establish South Bound Rope, was an educator at Debauchery, Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair and many groups across the South Eastern US. 

A Facilities Manager, with over 25 years experience in healthcare, he holds state professional licensure and has attended CDC, OSHA, and manufacturers training related to PPE and Facilities Cleaning & Disinfecting equipment, protocols and procedures. During this crisis they Coordinated with Industrial Hygienists, infection control consultants and medical personnel to devise proactive infection mitigation protocols.  Iron_Worker is a manager within a decision tree that has exposed him to some of the best practices, lessons learned and proven processes that decrease hazards and exposures to bacteria and viruses.

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Buck is a polyamorous gay Leatherman in his 30s who brings curiosity and artistic sensibilities to his BDSM life. He enjoys making impact toys, leather gear, and finding creative ways to incorporate a wide range of tools, skills, and materials into kinky play, whether it’s sculptural techniques or project management. While his engagement in and learning about kink was done in relative isolation for many years, he has been active in the scene since 2019 and learning voraciously in that time. Having taught various craft workshops in the vanilla world, he is excited to bring his fine arts knowledge to Camp.




MK  Counselor

MK graduated as a film major from Clark University and, to the surprise of absolutely no one, does not have a job in that field. They/she has been an EMT for roughly six years, and is currently waiting for an interview with a fire department. MK will never pass up an opportunity for moshing or crowd surfing. An avid photographer, MK also plays the saxophone and enjoys rock climbing, skiing, boxing, naps, and being a dork about psychology, history, and architecture. I’m looking forward to running around with band-aids and a radio in the sweltering heat with you guys again this year!

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NY Bear has been in the scene and together with his Dom/wife Princess for 35 years. He has retired from
working and is fully committed to the care of Princess and the art of crossdressing. Due to the fact that
Princess is self-proclaimed the laziest Dom, He has spent many of those 35 years finding ways for her to
torture and abuse him with as little effort as possible.
He developed Projectile Impact play so she can sit in the comfort of a chair and relax a she deserves, while putting his body through varying degrees of pain and torture, using Gel guns, Archery equipment
and Percussion massagers.
Master Hawk has been in the scene for over 35 years and has many different skills in his arsenal. He and his sub have just begun to teach some of these skills to other players.
Alexandra Counselor

Alexandra, singer song writer and crafty enthusiast is a creative human who like to help others see their own worth through artistic expression. This is her first Time with us as at FetCamp and she is excited to share her creative spirit.


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KodiAsh Rugrat Wrangler

Kodi has been a member of the kink community for 13ishhh years. A certified brat that has experienced many roles. She best known for her bratty shenanigans and the willingness to try anything, twice. She's excited to bring some sparkle to camp with littles events! 


Triske has been in the fet scene for just over a decade. She adores sensation play and is always in the mood for a good thuddy flogging. This will be her first time at FetCamp, and at leading a class! When not in the scene, she enjoys video games and being generally lazy. Feel free to come say hello!


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Dylan is Scott's right-hand man and part time lover.  Dylan has a life-long interest in feeding the masses and is back with us for a third year. Creator of the cunnilingus beach chair and huge fan of cunnilingus itself, one can infer that Dylan likes to eat as much as he likes to serve.  When not feeding campers, Dylan can be found enjoying his hobbies including interpretive, modern, and jazz dance. Dylan has choreographed Balet for the acclaimed Salem Ballet Company, including perennial favorites "Ham Zone" and  "Pig in Tule" 
Lily (She/They) has been practicing in the community for about 4 years now. Ever the experimentalist, they're always ready to try something new. This year, she is trying to bring her communities to the forefront to offer safe spaces for her favourite pervs. Ask her for cat pics, rope tips, and about being an obligate top because she's the only switch in her polycule.

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Pyro Sadist has been in the scene for over two decades. His leather family is quite large and is spread over several state. Brian is fairly well known as being a "bit off" and fascinated by fire. As a child there were several fires of unexplained origin in his neighborhood that had nothing in common....except that Brian seemed to be always nearby with a bag of marshmallows and several books of matches. The men in the white coats have orders to keep him under surveillance and the gas stations near his house no longer fill up his gas cans.


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flowerxfemme  counselor

Amber (she/her) has been a member of the kink community since about 2014. She is passionate about inclusive and safe play for everyone as a queer, fat, polyamorous, femme person! Amber is experienced in many roles in the kink world as a switch and is currently Collared to her Daddy. She's often found bouncing around camp with her favorite humans, don't be afraid to come say hi.


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Delmara Counselor

A little bit confused about what medical career she wants to pursue, Delmara is certified as a Lifeguard, EMT/Wilderness EMT, and LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). She has been involved in the kink community for 5 years, initially in Massachusetts and then in Virginia. Although her favorite scenes involve rope, impact toys or sharp objects, she loves learning about and trying new things. She is excited to be at FetCamp to help treat (and hopefully prevent) any UNdesired pain or bleeding.

Director of event photography

You may have seen Q behind his camera as Event Photographer for private BDSM and fetish gatherings since 2008, including The Floating World, Libertine Ball, Diabolique Ball, Wicked Faire, Brimstone, Boot Camp, Sacred Sexuality Beltane, the Black Phoenix, Aviary and various Gate Munch events.
He, and his talented team, NormalFreak & SweetlySadistic
 share a passion to capture your unique special moments and deliver the with professionalism and discretion. To see some of Q’s photography, visit him on under Sir_Q, or at .

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Scott enabler

Scott is the owner and operator of the Rhode Island kinky custom design shop, Big Head Studio.  He can be found traveling across the country teaching classes and running workshops on Alternative Adult Sex Ed. and BDSM.  Scott has taught at events such as Black Rose and Dark Odyssey in D.C., T.E.S. and Floating world in N.Y., the Boston F.F.F., KinkyCon; and many others. He has given workshops at various universities, including Brown, Columbia and R.I.S.D.  His writing has appeared in Secret Magazine and other international publications.