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Special Events

Here are examples pf past special events, we will be updating the exact list as we get closer to the event.  Have a special event you would like to organize? GREAT! please contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Red Dungeon

Wrestling, FetCamp will have a small wrestling mat and large wrestling egos. This is a cross between the WWE and Fight Club. Fight to win or fight to loose the choice is yours.

Suspension Show Down, We will be throwing a few curve balls designed to thwart our rope pros. Come watch or participate in this epic battle of rope-craft.

Morning Yoga Stretch, Join us for a relaxing morning of intro yoga for all body types.

Blue Igloo (its name is Bob)

Strap on party, Come rock out with your “cock” out. If you prefer to boink with a huge rubber dildo, or a pretty little glitter unicorn cock, this is the event for you. Come with a partner or find one here. Remember this is an all inclusive party!

Group grope, FetCamp is creating a safe space to grope! Dim lights and many hands will make this an experience you won't soon forget. Touch and be touched, just remember to ask first. We take consent seriously. Feeling shy? Masks will be provided at the door.

Wack off party, A gathering for those who like to play by, and with themselves. Bring your favorite toy and prepare to commit a few sins.

Education Tent

New kid social, New to camp or new to kink? This is a chance to meet up with others and make friends for the weekend, there might even be a few door prizes!

Art Class, Come look at naked people and pretend you are making art.

Field Tents/Elephant​

But Plug Olympics, FetCamp is (not really) proud to announce the But Plug Olympics, featuring the "Plug of War" and yes, it is exactly what you think it is. Come out to see this ridiculous display of sportsmanship and cheer on your champion. Sponsored by our friends at NJoy Toys


Bitches in Boxes, FetCamp has a few new cages available where you can secure your partner for confinement or "display", while the humans appreciate them for what they are.  ...SHHH...   Shut up and look pretty, this isn't about you!

Fire Pit

Evening Smore's, Stop by the fire pit for a quick snack before bed or after that hot scene.

Fire spinning, bring your fire toys or just watch the mesmerizing flames spin late into the evening.

Random Wandering

FetCamp has been known to have a wagon full of treats to pass out to random smiling people. Smile pretty, you may receive a treat.

Dining Tent

Midnight Snack:  Forget Milk and Cookies, we are serving gourmet grilled cheese. A late-night snack to help you recharge before another late-night scene.

Age Play space

Calling all bigs, middles, littles, diaper lovers, sissies, and babyfurs. We welcome people of all genders, sexual orientations, and interests and we strive to create an open, supportive, and inclusive environment for everyone. Come join us for fun in the sun! We'll be doing arts and crafts, having a shaving cream fight, cuddling for story time.

Duck hunt (on going) There may OR MAY NOT be 100 ducks hiding around camp. See if you can spot one! Check their butts, and you might win THE duck! 

Check back often for updates!
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