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Please create threads within our fetlife group to socialize, make plans and coordinate play dates and ride shares within our community. We will check in regularly to post answers to all of your questions. Follow the FetLife page to see special event updates as well.  Here are a few quick shortcuts to specific threads, but you can view them all from FetLife.

Ride Share

NO, you cant just stuff someone in a trunk!


Age Play

Pack your Pampers, and make a play date.

Boys in Panties

Like to play "dress up"?  how about chastity games? … follow this thread and meet up with fellow perverts.


Follow this thread and find a rope partner.

Master & slave

If you understand the love and support of consensual power exchange relationships and the community that we share, know that this thread is for you. You are welcome, you are safe, and we see you.

RSVP on FetLife

Be sure to RSVP on FetLife to let all of your friends know your are coming! ..or at least breathing heavy.

Pet Play

Cat or dog, bug or dinosaur, bubble-blowing bog frog from the sixth moon of Boobalon - YOU are welcome here!

Come and meet other creatures and handlers for a roaring good time!

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