Classes & Events
This is our plan for classes, think of this as a work on progress, there will be many updates.


A class taught by one of the people trying to get you to buy their handmade stuff.

You will never walk the aisles of Dollar Tree, Dom Depot or Wally World the same way again. 

This class opens the door on how to kink in a budget. Got $20 in your pocket and no toys?  Then this is a discussion for you. Walk out of the store with a pretty impressive line-up of toys for that hard earned 20 spot. 

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Projectile Impact Play

Projectile Impact Play is a class that will instruct you on water gel guns and L.A.R.P. bow and arrows.
Going over how to safely use them, precautions and our recommended safety equipment. We will go
over where you can buy the equipment and the differences in what is out there. Lastly to be given an
opportunity to try some different equipment, shooting or being shot.


& Rope Corsets

Separately or together, breast bondage and rope corsets can be beautiful and sexy or brutal and punishing. This class will demonstrate styles and techniques for any sized body. Whether you desire to keep your partner excited with a rope corset under your vanilla clothes, or want to let your sadistic side show in the dungeon, you will learn the tools to take you there. Bring rope to join in. We will pair up single folks so the fun is had by all. This class is a safe place to say: “Do me, do me.”


Introduction to Fire Cupping

What is fire cupping? It’s actually an ancient oriental healing method that some have perverted for fun. The sensations can vary depending on the person and the placement of the cups. I will go over and demonstrate most of the techniques of cupping as well as placement of the cups. I can ALMOST promise that you will have marks that will last between several hours to several days (and in some cases, several weeks).
Morning Stretch 

For Kink

 Want to ground back into your body after a rough night of play? Stretch those arms after doing some heavy impact? We will focus on some gentle breathing and basic stretches to wake up each part of the body. Please bring your booty and a towel or mat. This is an intro class & no prior experience is necessary. Amber spent 15+ years as a dancer and is excited to be leading you into your day with a light morning stretch! 



A very basic guide to learning how to use a single tail whip. Some instruction will be given as to kinds of whips, materials they are made from, how they can be used, and the basic movements with the whip. The signal whip will be the whip most demoed however I will touch on bullwhips and discuss the differences in the different whips.


With Plaster

Fantasize about being turned into a statue, or turning your partner into one? Buck and his boy weaver are here to demonstrate how that can be done with plaster bandages. This tactile and time-consuming process can be very satisfying for those into immobilization and transformation play, and those who like to bring an artistic eye to their kink. In this class you’ll learn how to play safe and what materials and techniques are required to create a human statue! This is a very time-consuming demonstration and not a workshop, so all you need to bring is your curious mind and creative spirit.

Will it Fit?

America's favorite game show

Come join us for a round of stupid fun. "Wil it Fit?" will pit contestants against each other to see who can put what where. Contestants will have 30 seconds to take an item from our mystery box, (or from home) and see if it fits. The object is your choice, the orifice is your choice, all we care about is impressing the judges! Bring your lube and your creativity, and possibly a croquet mallet and let's play "Will it Fit"


An Introduction

Wax play isn't just for masochists! It can also be a very sensual experience. This class will go over what you'll need to set up for large pour scenes. We'll also cover the basics of safety, different types of wax, and materials. After that we will have some hands on time for any participants who would like to pour or be covered with some wax!


Lacing is a rope technic that focuses on constriction of body parts. Used mostly in Semenawa scenes.   It is a versatile method of tying that can be used to control limbs or limit breathing. It can be done with no knots and is very fast to remove, making it perfect for people that are new to rope bondage, and works well with all body types. 


Crafts & Kink

Come learn a new technique to put a little play into even the most intense whip scene. Learn to use your whip in a whole new way. Colors, artistic techniques, canvases – every scene creates a new masterpiece! Join Master Hawk, his submissive the Wyld Little Mynx, and her pet Snowball as they demonstrate the technique known as “Whip-casso”! We will have paint and whips for teaching and demonstration use. Bring a white t-shirt if you would like to participate and have a souvenir to take home (or if you want something between the whip and your skin).


Recovery in the Lifestyle


A fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, that they may solve their common problems and help others recover in the lifestyle. The only requirement for membership is a desire to be in recovery. RITL is not allied with any organization, denomination, sect, politics, or institution (including FetCamp); does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay in recovery and help others in the lifestyle to achieve it.


Take the bottom near their limits and then add challenges that can be physically or mentally demanding. Some of us are whacked and like doing this to others or challenging ourselves in these ways. We will explore this by discussing the “head games” or motivations involved in why this rocks. The class will discuss specific predicaments and we will act some of those out—like improvisational theater. We will end with a quick wrap up of why this kind of whacky kink can be a deeply meaningful experience.

Kinky Story Slam

Story slam is exactly what it sounds like...real smutty, kinky, delicious, lustful stories!! We welcome you to bring your funniest, kinkiest, and adventurous stories. Your stories will be judged on content not as a “kinkier than you” contest. Please keep these stories inclusive, kind, and free of racism, sexism, and other isms
You will have 5-8 mins to tell us your best and kinkiest stories.
Hosted by: MonsterBoiJack




A place for folks from all across the rainbow to meet up and enjoy each other's company (and maybe more). Stop light party rules apply- grab a marker and a nametag, pick the colour to let us know what you are (or aren't) looking for, and just hang out! This is an area for inclusion, not discourse- all who identify as LGBTQIA+ are welcome, those who support us are also welcome to attend! Hosted by your favourite slut Lily (please donate your kisses for her hard work)


Arts & Craft Time

Boobie Prints is an interactive art performance highlighting body positivity and artistic sensory play. Come have your boobies painted and leave your print on Fet Camp 2022!

Plug of War

a.k.a. the Butt Plug Olympics

This event is exactly what you think it is. Need I Say more?  Contestants, or should I say combatants, will engage in either the best, or the worst idea we have ever had: a battle of the butts.  Sponsored by Njoy Toys, this event will showcase this maker of quality ass toys in the most bizarre way possible, a full-on battle royal!  We supply the butt plug, you supply the clench!