Classes & Events

This is our plan for classes, there may be  modifications due to covid concerns, so think of this as a work on progress.

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Multi-sensory play 

for beginners 

Have you ever wondered how a good song or movie touches your soul? The lights, the sounds, and the ability to engage all five senses is how something touches you. Understanding the various components of utilizing different aspects of your play bag and setting the mood for Subspace takes knowledge of engaging the senses. Setting the stage and allowing your partner to engage with you on all levels of sensory input is what this game of Kink is all about!

Kinbaku and Semenawa  

An informative discussion 

You’ve probably seen some rope bondage images online described as Kinbaku or Semenawa, but do you know why these terms are used and what these terms mean? It can be confusing and unintuitive. In this session we will discuss the meaning of Kinbaku and Semenawa. We will then dive into the how and why they are practiced. As well as what makes a scene Kinbaku or Semenawa. Additionally we will discuss the dangers of this type of bondage and how to get to get started in a safe way. Oh, and a spoiler: Neither actually requires rope…

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Using storytelling concepts

for scene Construction 

Tell me a tale of sex! How do we get to know our characters? What type of predicaments and problems will our characters get into this time? Stay tuned! Why reinvent the wheel? Understanding how to put together play scenes is like reading a good book. Once you get going it's impossible to put it down! Taking Concepts from basic literature strategies is a way to entrap your partner not only physically but mentally!

Kinbaku and Semenawa 

An informative demonstration

Building on our first session, we will demonstrate a complete Kinbaku scene from negotiation to aftercare. All the while explaining what we are doing and why. We will first walk through the planning process and develop our intent of the scene. Discussing each aspect and how it will impact the experience for the Top and Bottom. After the scene we will go through some aftercare considerations specific to Kinbaku and Semenawa.


Fire Flogging

How & Why

What the hell was that?!? A common question when the fire floggers come out to play. Fire flogging  is quite simply the most flashy thing allowed in most dungeons 

....and frequently not allowed. It is taking specially made floggers, dunking them unto a fuel mixture, lighting them on fire and using them like a regular flogger....I can assure you there is NOTHING regular about this!!


round table

Are you curious about Watersports?Want to integrate piss play into your sex life but don’t know where to start? Interested in how pee play overlaps with other kinks? Whether you want to share your story, get tips on playing safely, or just want to meet kinksters with your shared interest, come to our roundtable discussion on all things watersports
Morning Stretch 

For Kink

 Want to ground back into your body after a rough night of play? Stretch those arms after doing some heavy impact? We will focus on some gentle breathing and basic stretches to wake up each part of the body. Please bring your booty and a towel or mat. This is an intro class & no prior experience is necessary. Amber spent 15+ years as a dancer and is excited to be leading you into your day with a light morning stretch! 

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Wax on, Wax off

Wax on, Wax off

A guide to wax play

This session will be great for beginners, and those curious to try wax play, but even the more experienced will walk away learning something new. We will start with a conversation on the do’s and don’ts of wax play, including which types of candles are available and the effects of each, and then we will move into a demo. We will have several different candle types available for everyone to try out on themselves or their subs!  

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Decorative Skin Stapling

How & Why

Skin stapling can be a form of artistic expression as well as a form of blood play.  In this class we will be using surgical skin stapling to create beautiful art work.  This class consists of education, technique,  and hands on experience.  

Ask the Experts

A hands on Q&A

Bring your rope and bring your questions. Join ? and David for a Q&A session.  ?, David ties and photographs. This is your chance to pick the brains of our experts regarding anything rope, be it technical or aesthetic, these are the guys, and this is the session for you.

Poly Round Table

come chat with us

Polyamory is consensual, ethical, and responsibly non-monogamy. It comes in many shapes and forms. It can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Come share your questions, answers, stories, suggestions, and more in a positive, open space.


Effective training tools for humans

How to use shock collars and prongs while training your human. A break down of quality tools and what you need to know to safely and effectively turn any naughty human into a subservient bottom. Obedience its only a matter of voltage!

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Rope & Impact

This class is all about using rope bondage to establish a connection with your partner. We will explore toys that can easily be incorporated into a rope scene to add the dint of impact play. Floggers, canes, paddles, crops and maybe the single tail. Who’s up for a dynamic and exciting class. Join me campers it will be fun!


Dancing with Flame

Who among us hasn't sat transfixed gazing into a fires light? Feel and witness that same sensual flow of warm flame across our bodies, lapping over, then passing and leaving only a warm lingering touch. No experience is necessary for this class, some practice materials will be available for use. Both technique, safety, and sensual/art/erotic applications will be gone over in this class. Even if you might not think it's your thing, you might be surprised by the sensual beauty and artistry of the flame.

Intro to Single Tail


Insert class details later    bla bla bla bla lorum ipsum...

Submissive Take Down 

You are the weapon

Into rougher play? A sub who just won’t get down? Or you just like to take control of every single moment? This class is perfect for your needs. Take everyday martial arts instructions from an actual martial artist and use it to your advantage to get the result you want. 

Kinky Story Slam

Story slam is exactly what it sounds like...real smutty, kinky, delicious, lustful stories!! We welcome you to bring your funniest, kinkiest, and adventurous stories. Your stories will be judged on content not as a “kinkier than you” contest. Please keep these stories inclusive, kind, and free of racism, sexism, and other isms
You will have 5-8 mins to tell us your best and kinkiest stories.
Hosted by: MonsterBoiJack
Rules: No notes! No costumes or props. Story must be real and your own story (no telling your friends' story!)

Men in Rope

This class will explore how Men and Rope go together so very well. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be tied, hogtied and even suspended then this class is for you. We will talk about and demonstrate techniques to use when tying men. And yes, there can even be a bit of CBT with ROPE!

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Flying Low

This class will explore floor work that supports suspension that starts out 3 to 6 inches from the floor. The intensity of suspension is felt no matter the height of your rope bottom. As an added benefit David will show several transitions that bring the rope bottom from a low flying sideways and/or face up or down suspension to a low flying inversion. The final step is a single leg inverted suspension. This sequence is a must for any lover of rope, safe and strong connection play with your partner.