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Auntie Midori's Erotic Story Telling Challenge

the name says it all

Scarf Bondage W/ Midori

Scarf harnesses too

Badass Flogging Skills W/ Midori, 

focus on drills, skills and thrills!

Suspension for Larger Bodies: 

An introduction

Suspension for larger bodies can be stressful for both rigger and bottom. Anyone can be suspended so long as they are healthy. There is no body type prerequisite. There is only a desire and ability necessary to fulfill the wish to fly. In this class we will discuss techniques that can help to make a suspension a memorable experience.  If you ever dreamt of being suspended but did not think it possible because of your larger size, well, give that one up and come to this class. It will ROCK your world.

Fire Flogging

How & Why

What the hell was that?!? A common question when the fire floggers come out to play. Fire flogging  is quite simply the most flashy thing allowed in most dungeons 

....and frequently not allowed. It is taking specially made floggers, dunking them unto a fuel mixture, lighting them on fire and using them like a regular flogger....I can assure you there is NOTHING regular about this!!


For Kink

Want to last longer? Go harder? Start your day with some yoga! Focusing on basic warm up and balance based positions to enable healthier play, all you need bring is your ass and a towel to use as your mat. Come start your day with physical and energetic work to maximize your experiences at FetCamp. This is an intro class, and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Decorative Skin Stapling

How & Why

Skin stapling can be a form of artistic expression as well as a form of blood play.  In this class we will be using surgical skin stapling to create beautiful art work.  This class consists of education, technique,  and hands on experience.  

Create Amazing Scenes w/ Midori, 

The Quick & Dirty Version

We have no idea just what she is going to present, but it is sure to be Quality information, in a small setting.


round table

Are you curious about Watersports?Want to integrate piss play into your sex life but don’t know where to start? Interested in how pee play overlaps with other kinks? Whether you want to share your story, get tips on playing safely, or just want to meet kinksters with your shared interest, come to our roundtable discussion on all things watersports


Snug as a bug in a rug

Join us for a talk and demonstration of this advanced form of bondage and sensory play. This class will touch on not only technical and safety issues, but the psychological and "head space" issues you may encounter while immobilizing your partner.  We will talk about safety and "best practices", comfort (or not) of the bottom, materials and their usage, and there will be plenty of materials on hand for you to try out.  

Rope Bondage


We will start with the basics in rope bondage including rope safety, communication and types of rope. If you've never tied before, this is a great class to get started or to go over basic skills. We will learn how to safely apply the basic single and double column tie as well as different variations exploring their uses. Please bring two fifteen  foot pieces of rope. If needed rope will be provided. Meet new people, learn some rope skills and have fun !


Basic floorwork

Using  the single and double column tie, and the chest harness, we will see the importance of communication and safety as we bring it all together into a Hog Tie, and other groundwork. This is a beautiful and sexy way to incapacitate your rope bottom. If you don't have rope, 1x30 foot and 2x15 foot pieces, we'll provide rope for the class. 


Men and Rope:

An exploration

This class will explore how Men and Rope go together so very well. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be tied, hogtied and even suspended then this class is for you. We will talk about and demonstrate techniques to use when tying men. And yes, there can even be a bit of CBT with ROPE!

Ask the Experts

A hands on Q&A

Bring your rope and bring your questions. Join Bill and David for a Q&A session.  Bill manufactures rope and ties, David ties and photographs. This is your chance to pick the brains of our experts regarding anything rope, be it technical or aesthetic, these are the guys, and this is the session for you.



Be prepared for super serious science, Bitches!  We got science stuff, you got the butts, lets do some research.  Ever wonder what gets warmer faster, the hand giving the spanking or the tush receiving it?  How loud is an orgasm? Just how does your pulse race while getting tormented?  This is serious, super serious, and we need your help to quantify all sorts of sciency stuff.  You know, for science!


Round table

Ageplay is a form of roleplaying in which an individual acts or treats another individual as if they were a different age. That's the technical definition but what is ageplay to you? Come share your questions, answers, stories, wishes, and more in a positive, open space.

Poly Round Table

come chat with us

Polyamory is consensual, ethical, and responsibly non-monogamy. It comes in many shapes and forms. It can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Come share your questions, answers, stories, suggestions, and more in a positive, open space.

Submissive Take Down 

You are the weapon

Into rougher play? A sub who just won’t get down? Or you just like to take control of every single moment? This class is perfect for your needs. Take everyday martial arts instructions from an actual martial artist and use it to your advantage to get the result you wanted. Covering safety, motions and application with a willing participant! Suggested tool: a sub (we have a willing participant if you can’t find one)

Art Class

Body Painting

Experience the art of body painting! All are welcome; paint on yourself, your partner, or our model! All materials will be provided; we will have non-toxic body paints and brushes, body crayons, temporary tattoos, and biodegradeable glitter. Yes, glitter. Class will be led by the honorable Professor Firefly, who holds a degree in Naked Artistry from Notreally University. Please arrive with a clean body (if you intend to be painted on), and a towel you don't care about.

Urethral Insertion  


Learn how to fuck in a whole new hole! Join us as we look how to stimulate yourself or someone else through the use of urethral sounds and other insertables. We will cover how to choose the right kind of toy, properly prepare, play safe and fun (with just a little meanness thrown in for good measure), and how to clean up afterward.