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Classes & Events

Fucking Machines 101

 Everything you need to know but were embarrassed or didn't know to ask about how to make use of the big toys in BOB and other sex machines ranging from mild to wild! 

Class to be hosted in BOB, earlier on in the weekend so people can put what they learn to use!

Brats vs. Cunts

Kodi will teach us the differences and reality of being a brat vs being a cunt. 

     A friendly discussion and skillshare, to break down the stigma and share knowledge.

2024-02-21 (1).png
Sensory Deprivation

The ultimate surrender of mind and body. Explore what blindly trusting your partner can really mean as you relinquish control to your partner to transform the entire psychosomatic environment enhancing the partnership. Here we will develop a tactical scene of sensation and formulate tools to heighten responses by experimenting with the senses and denying one from the privileges of using theirs. This plays on the psychological aspect of BDSM.

2024-02-21 (2).png
Chemical Play

Why spend a ton of money to punish someone? Learn how to overload their sensations while edging them using chemicals. There are plenty of items in your home and at your tent ready to enhance your experience. This form of sensation play can be sexy and dangerous. Explore a range of chemicals you can use on the body, how to excite the body with hot and cold sensations, safety precautions for this type of play, and how to neutralize in case the sensation becomes too much to handle. 

Affirmative Consent 

a discussion for everyone

We take consent seriously at FetCamp and are firm believers that NO means NO, (and we really prefer an enthusiastic YES) Ambiguity is not sexy!

Think you know it all? Come to this informative discussion and refresh your memory! Sure, Affirmative consent is a voluntary, and mutual decision among all participants who engage in any form of BDSM or sexual activity, but it is a nuanced subject that deserves all of our attention and participation! 

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Morning Stretch 

For Kink

 Want to ground back into your body after a rough night of play? Stretch those arms after doing some heavy impact? We will focus on some gentle breathing and basic stretches to wake up each part of the body. Please bring your booty and a towel or mat. This is an intro class & no prior experience is necessary. Suratto is excited to be leading you into your day with a light morning stretch! 

tape measure with question marks, simple
Will it Fit?

America's favorite game show

Come join us for a round of stupid fun. "Wil it Fit?" will pit contestants against each other to see who can put what where. Contestants will have 30 seconds to take an item from our mystery box, (or from home) and see if it fits. The object is your choice, the orifice is your choice, all we care about is impressing the judges! Bring your lube and your creativity, and possibly a croquet mallet and let's play "Will it Fit"

Plug of War

a.k.a. the Butt Plug Olympics

This event is exactly what you think it is. Need I Say more?  Contestants, or should I say combatants, will engage in either the best, or the worst idea we have ever had: a battle of the butts.  Sponsored by Njoy Toys, this event will showcase this maker of quality ass toys in the most bizarre way possible, a full-on battle royal!  We supply the butt plug, you supply the clench! 

2024-03-15 (2).png
Biting, Pinching, Slapping & Hair Pulling

There are many things that we spend our life being told not to do in polite society - biting, pinching, hair pulling and more. In this class we'll explore why you might want to do these things as part of your play and how to do them both safely and extraordinarily well.

2024-03-15 (7).png
Impact 101

Hitting a willing partner is fun! This 101 class will discuss in detail all of the important things to consider when doing impact play, including consent and aftercare. Also covered is human anatomy - where to hit and where to avoid. There will also be a detailed discussion of various
impact implements (both traditional and pervertables), how to select the right implement and technique for the desired sensation, and how to use each implement.

2024-02-20 (1).png


A place for folks from all across the rainbow to meet up and enjoy each other's company (and maybe more). Stop light party rules apply- grab a marker and a nametag, pick the colour to let us know what you are (or aren't) looking for, and just hang out! This is an area for inclusion, not discourse- all who identify as LGBTQIA+ are welcome, those who support us are also welcome to attend! 

Fireplay 102

Fire Cupping

What is fire cupping? It’s actually an ancient oriental healing method that some have perverted for fun (I know, you're shocked!) The sensations can vary depending on the person and the placement of the cups. I will go over and demonstrate most of the techniques of cupping as well as placement of the cups. A warning to those who want to try the cups; I can ALMOST promise you that you will have marks that will last between several hours to several days (and in some cases, several weeks).

2024-03-15 (1).png
Rope 101

Learn the basics of rope bondage: beginning with a brief discussion of safety and types of rope and then continue into hands-on demonstrations of several ties and techniques that form the foundation of functional rope bondage. We'll cover one and two column ties, a stylish chest harness and the classic karada/tortoise-shell harness. If we have time, we'll combine several of them together in a complete rope scene. This is a hands-on class, if possible you should come with a partner. We'll help pair up singles at the class as well. You should bring: 2-3 30' lengths of rope (MFP, Nylon or Hemp preferred). If you don't have rope, we'll have extra to lend at the demo.

Painful Rope

Rope is one of the most versatile toys there is, and in addition to being useful for restraint can also be used in fun, hurty ways. In this class we will go over several painful ties.

This is a hands-on class, if possible you should come with a partner. We'll help pair up singles at the class as well.

You should bring: 3-4 30' lengths of rope.

2024-03-15 (5).png
Wax Play 101

This class will discuss the various types of wax available (and the differences between them), various ways to heat the wax and to wax your bottom, safety, wax removal, and cleanup. There will also be a discussion on negotiation and aftercare. This class is for both tops and bottoms as it’s just as important for both to learn safety regarding wax play.

2024-03-15 (6).png
Needle Play 101

Have you ever wanted to try or are curious about needle play or play piercing, but you don’t know where to start? In this class I will be covering needle safety, safe placement, skin prep, Do’s and Don’ts and other beginner friendly play techniques to get you started and doing it safely.

Small little goody bags will be given out as supplies last, and some needle kits will be for sale

Sub Putting

The worst mini-golf idea  ...EVER!

We will provide the clubs and the balls, and you provide the Subs to act as our mini-golf obstacles.  Is this a serious game? Dude, its FetCamp, you should know better. The goal is to arrange a short course of human obstacles and we all take turns trying to get our balls into their holes. Bring your best game, and worst intentions and let's play golf the way God and Elvis intended it, naked and silly.  There may be prizes?!

Prostate Play and Pegging

An Insider’s Guide

There are a so many more pleasure centers than just the standard penis and vagina monologues. My class will focus on anatomy, safety, pleasure zones, prostate orgasms and how to have straightforward, non-judgemental talks with your partner about your need are; both before during and then after the scene.

Recovery in the lifestyle

The name says it all, come to a morning meeting with others in recovery or seeking support. 

man and woman. simple.jpg
Vetting and Negotiations

Negotiating is a critical skill for building BDSM dynamics, scenes, and relationships that work. But negotiating doesn't necessarily come naturally. Join us in this interactive class where we'll discuss how to negotiate as partners in a way that is hotter, safer, and more fun for everyone involved!

man planning with handcuffs.jpg
Crafting a Scene

From negotiations to aftercare

Any good story has a Beginning, a Middle, and an End. Make no mistake, it IS an art! Whether you are new to BDSM or have been a lifelong kinkster, whether you identify as a Dom/Top/etc. Or Bottom/Sub/Etc., this class will show you the ropes (get it?) of managing different elements of a scene. The class will include practical elements as well as Elle nerding out about the psychology of what goes on in our brains during a scene and beyond. 

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