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Classes This will give you an idea of our programing, as of now we are clueless who will be with us in 2020.  check back for updates


An introduction

Cock and Ball Torture (cbt) doesn’t have to be incredibly complex or difficult. This introductory cbt class will cover some of the fun and mean things you can do to someone’s (or your own) cock and balls quickly and easily using readily available supplies such as clothespins, your own fingers, a tiny switch or flogger, and more! Join us for the hows, whys (and why nots), and of course some fun demonstrations of simple cbt.



Have you ever wondered what is inside a whip? Bolsters, shot bags, underbellies and more. In this class we will talk about hides for leather whips. The construction of leather and nylon whips, and their purpose. We will also discuss care and maintenance of whips. If time permits, we many throw whip at the end of the class.

Bring your whip.


Dancing with flame

Fireplay is definitely edge play, but I have found it has a sensual eroticism and art to it that many can relate to. Who among us hasn't sat transfixed gazing into a fires light. Now witness that same sensual flow of warm flame across our bodies, lapping over, then passing and leaving only a warm lingering touch. Both technique, safety, and sensual/art/erotic applications will covered in this class.

Fire Cupping, 

An introduction

What is fire cupping? It’s actually an ancient healing method that some have perverted for fun (I know, you're shocked!) The sensations can vary depending on the person and the placement of the cups. I demonstrate the techniques as well as placement of the cups. Warning: I can promise you will have marks that will last from several hours to several days.

Fire Flogging

How & Why

What the hell was that?!? A common question when the fire floggers come out to play. Fire flogging  is quite simply the most flashy thing allowed in most dungeons 

....and frequently not allowed. It is taking specially made floggers, dunking them unto a fuel mixture, lighting them on fire and using them like a regular flogger....I can assure you there is NOTHING regular about this!!


For Kink

Want to last longer? Go harder? Start your day with some yoga! Focusing on basic warm up and balance based positions to enable healthier play, all you need bring is your ass and a towel to use as your mat. Come start your day with physical and energetic work to maximize your experiences at FetCamp. This is an intro class, and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Decorative Skin Stapling

How & Why

Skin stapling can be a form of artistic expression as well as a form of blood play.  In this class we will be using surgical skin stapling to create beautiful art work.  This class consists of education, technique,  and hands on experience.  

Quick Release Ties

For Art and Safety

We will learn how to make basic single column ties and two column quick release ties that come off instantly. If time allows we will also cover a Diamond Front Full Body Lightning Harness of my original design.  One thirty foot and one fifteen foot piece will be enough for class. If you don't have rope, some will be available.



Ancient and modern cultures decorate and embellish the skin for both artistic and ritualistic reasons. This class will explore cutting with a scalpel as a technique used to create scarring of the skin.  We will discuss how designs and symbols can be cut into the skin to leave a fleeting or long lasting effect, as well as care for the fresh wound.

Poly Round Table

come chat with us

Polyamory is consensual, ethical, and responsibly non-monogamy. It comes in many shapes and forms. It can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Come share your questions, answers, stories, suggestions, and more in a positive, open space.

Art Class

Body Painting

Experience the art of body painting! All are welcome; paint on yourself, your partner, or our model! All materials will be provided; we will have non-toxic body paints and brushes, body crayons, temporary tattoos, and biodegradeable glitter. Yes, glitter. Class will be led by the honorable Professor Firefly, who holds a degree in Naked Artistry from Notreally University. Please arrive with a clean body (if you intend to be painted on), and a towel you don't care about.

Whips are not kinky, 


Learn about all the different types of whips and how to throw each. There are many kinds of whips that were created over time. In this class we will talk about the characteristics of several common types of whips and how they are used throughout time. We will also  compare the created use, to how they are used now in the lifestyle. After discussion we will throw the various whips. Bring your whip!

Come throw with me!

Hands-on instruction

Let's get together and throw whip! I will answer  questions and help with techniques. This is a chance to learn new tips and tricks with the whips. Bring your whip.

Violet Wands

From 101 to expert in 60 minutes

We will guide the class through the safety and history of violet wand play before moving on to more in depth topics.  Tips and techniques will be covered ranging from a simple tickle to more advanced edge play like branding and fire play.   The class is a light hearted exploration into the how and why electricity can not only be a physical, but also a mental form of edge-play.

Rope Bondage


We will start with the basics in rope bondage including rope safety, communication and types of rope. If you've never tied before, this is a great class to get started or to go over basic skills. We will learn how to safely apply the basic single and double column tie as well as different variations exploring their uses. Please bring two fifteen  foot pieces of rope. If needed rope will be provided. Meet new people, learn some rope skills and have fun !

Hog Tie 

Basic floorwork

Now that we've learned the basics, let's put them to use.

Using  the single and double column tie, and the chest harness, we will see the importance of communication and safety as we bring it all together into The Hog Tie. This tie is a beautiful and sexy way to incapacitate your rope bottom. If you don't have rope, 1x30 foot and 2x15 foot pieces, we'll provide rope for the class. 




Needles, whether through fear or fascination, have always caused strong reaction. This introductory class will explore needle size and gauge, with an emphasis on safety, setting up your play area, insertion and removal, as well as aftercare and cleaning up after your scene.

Chest Harness

Basic VS. Quick Release

The chest harness is a very useful and important tie providing an anchor point which can be used for keeping hold of your rope bottom or being the anchor point in elaborate suspension scenes. We'll learn how to safely apply a basic as well as a quick release chest harness. Please bring one 30 foot piece of rope. Rope will be provided if needed.


An Introduction

Ageplay is a form of roleplaying in which an individual acts or treats another individual as if they were a different age. That's the technical definition but what is ageplay to you? Come share your questions, answers, stories, wishes, and more in a positive, open space.

Rough Body Play

You are the weapon

Who needs a toy bag packed to the gills with floggers and pokie sticks? Lets think outside the box.  In this workshop we will explore "you" as the weapon.  The force that is you, can be a far more intimate encounter when not separated from your prey by a length of rope or a whip.  Lets explore the process of getting up close and personal with your body as the tool of choice.