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Play Space Rules

   •FetCamp’s highest priority is the safety of all attendees. It is the responsibility of attendees to familiarize themselves with these rules before entering the play space. By entering the play space, it is assumed that you have read, understand and will abide by these rules. Failure to abide by these rules may result in removal from the event without a refund.

   •All activities and encounters must be consensual. Touching other people without their express consent, regardless of whether or not it is sexual, is not permitted.

   •Sex is allowed in the play spaces, including oral and manual stimulation as well as penetration by toys and humans.

   Needle and medical play are allowed only in the medical area. Proper safety and cleanup is required, dispose of sharps in the containers provided. Do not leave the medical area while wearing needles or if actively bleeding.

   •Wax play is allowed in the designated play space only.

   •Knife play is allowed. All items used for play must be legal to own and carry in the state of Massachusetts.

   Limit whips, single tails and other swinging toys to 4 feet in length when in a tented play space. Fire whips or floggers are not permitted within tented play space.

   •Kink shaming is prohibited. Making offensive comments about a scene is just rude!

If you see something that is disturbing, scary, or offends you, move away from that scene. Know what your triggers are, and avoid them. If you see something that you think is unsafe or non-consensual, tell a counselor, or anyone with a radio.

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   •Safer sex practices, including the use of latex or other barriers when body fluids are present, are strongly encouraged. Safer sex supplies including gloves and condoms will be available for use.

   •Feces/Scat, urine/golden showers, vomit and other messy play are not permitted in the play space. This is not a shame issue; it is a hygiene issue.

   •At times Dungeon Monitors (DMs) MAY be on duty to supervise activities in the play space. When a DM is on duty there will be a sign indicating so. Any questions or concerns regarding activities taking place should be directed to a DM. If someone is breaching Play Space etiquette, your scene is being disturbed, or you are being harassed, please notify a Staff Member, counselor, or anyone with a radio. The event and staff reserve the right to stop play, restrict scenes, and remove people from the dungeon at their discretion. The event staff can Not Guarantee anyone’s safety.

   •The house safe word is RED. If a safe word is called, play must be stopped immediately. If a staff member hears red, they may check in giving the top a chance to deal with the situation or they may step in to stop the situation as they see fit.

   •Please respect other people’s scenes and personal space while playing or in aftercare. Do not interrupt or join them without permission. Watching scenes from a respectful distance is permitted, but please keep all conversations, laughter, and comments to a minimum. Please take all conversations outside the play area. Respect the privacy of others. What is seen or heard at the event should stay at the event.

   •Clean equipment and surrounding areas after your scene, including the equipment and the floor. Wipe equipment down with disinfectant. Cleaning supplies will be provided throughout the play spaces. Leave all equipment free of sweat, bodily fluids, wax, etc. Chux must be used for intercourse or any play where fluids may be spilled.

   •Prostitution, solicitation and negotiation of compensation for sexual services is illegal. Any violator will be removed from the event without refund.

   •Smoking is allowed only in designated areas outside of the play space twenty feet from the door, there is no smoking allowed inside any building or tent on the property.

  •No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the play areas.

  •Absolutely no intoxicants are permitted in the play space. Anyone who is intoxicated or impaired will not be permitted in the play space. Keep food use in the dungeon restricted a light snack if needed for after care.

  •No cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices may be visibly displayed. If you have to send a text message or take a call, leave the play space.

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