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All photos provided by Wintersong Tashlin                           © 2020 by FetCamp.


Camp Policy

We have a few rules and we would like you to read them over. Attending camp enables great freedom, and with that freedom comes responsibility.  By attending FetCamp, you are agreeing to abide by our rules. Failure to abide by the rules may be cause for warnings, or removal from the event at the discretion of management.

Photo Policy

  For attendees, we have a strict “No Camera Policy” to ensure everyone’s privacy.

Our Camp Photographer is Wintersong Tashlin, you can check out his website to get a preview of his work.
  We are making sure our talented photography team is compensated for their time and skill documenting the event while ensuring you have the photos you want to document your experience.

  The photo package is pre-paid and the photographer will send you a web ready copy of your "official event photo" as well as ALL additional photos taken of you during the event. If you have something fantastic planned and you need a photographer, let the staff know and we will do our best to have a photographer there for you. The photographers will be set up in the play space as well as around camp to document you in an official camp photo and it will be your responsibility to see them for it. They will also be roaming the camp looking to capture your play and fun in a more casual way. All of these photos are available for the low price of $20 if paid for in advance when you register.

  You may chose to upgrade to the photo package once on site and will be required to sign a wavier as well as wear the required photo friendly wrist band. Additionally you may negotiate with the photographers on site for high resolution or retouched photos to be sent to you for a reasonable price.

  We feel this policy is the most respectful to our skilled photographers and assures you that you will be photographed and receive a photo from the event. Please make sure you are wearing your wrist band at times when it is OK to photograph you.

  We feel this a great value and encourage everyone to sign up for the photo package.

Inclusion policy

  FetCamp welcomes everyone regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation or presentation. Your sexual interests and proclivities are of no real interest to us, and NO we don't care where you pee. All restrooms and classrooms are inclusive of everyone. We will do our best to get the pronoun correct, and expect all attendees to do the same. We ask that we treat each other with the respect we would like to be treated with.

Smoking Policy

  NO SMOKING! That includes Vaping! No smoking in any building or tent at any time for any reason... Smoking is NOT allowed within 15 feet of any and all buildings, if you must smoke, please be an adult and deposit your butts in an appropriate container.         These buildings and cabins have first rate smoke and fire alarms wired directly to the fire house. “Accidentally” setting one off is a huge and costly NO-NO! Anyone caught removing, altering or otherwise messing with the alarm system will be immediately removed from the event, banned from future events, and charged the cost of the visit from the fire department. This is a major safety issue and we trust that you will act accordingly.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

  FetCamp does not condone the use of illegal drugs and there is a strict “no drugs on the property” rule in effect. Regardless of legality in the state of Massachusetts, we are following the Federal law, and are respecting the rules of our rented venue. Cannabis is not allowed at camp! It will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the event. We are guests here and as such must abide by the rules. We are not here to make a personal statement as that is irrelevant with regard to the wishes of management. 

  Alcohol is allowed in moderation, please respect others and don't be a drunken mess in public. Outward drunken, lewd, obnoxious, or abusive, behavior will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the event without a refund. Don't be getting high, and don't split hairs as to what a "drug" is.  If you need help deciding, perhaps this isn't the event for you.

  The opinions and decisions of the event staff are final, so don't be stupid! Play responsibly, drink responsibly, and if your "medication" is not yours or is not considered FEDERALLY legal, DON'T BRING IT OR USE IT.