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...all the fun of summer camp, without pants

FetCamp is a new style of adult event.

This is a real life meet-up of all of your kinky online friends. We are here to celebrate the diversity of kink in all shapes and colors. This camping event is like no other, we encourage you to come to the party and fly your ADULT freak flag, while enjoying the summer camp feeling of your youth.

There will be classes and peer to peer exchanges along with kinky self expression, camaraderie with like minded folks in a fun educational and light hearted environment.

We are here to bring the fun back into “play”, so come ready to play dress up, share, explore and have the best time with like minded perverts. FetCamp is actively courting the kinksters and the perverts that might not feel at home with other events.


If you are into BDSM Great. Rope? That's super great! Age play and Cross Dressing, we celebrate you as well. We want you and your fetish to take center stage at FetCamp. You are welcome, come play!

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